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Add 30-40 yards in only 30 days with our expertise in long drive and our industry pioneering golf fitness swing speed training programs for amateurs and pros alike!







Is your goal to get back your old distance?
Keep up with the young guns?
Outdrive the guys in your league?
Gain an advantage on tour?
Win the World Long Drive Championships?

Since 2007, we’ve gotten the industry’s most rapid and drastic swing speed gains!



Let’s face it, speed matters.

Take a look at this chart below and notice how the
higher the driver club head speed, the farther the golf
ball will fly for each club.

So, as you can see, being able to swing fast is a critical
component to hitting the ball far.

But not only does more swing speed translate to more
distance, interestingly there is also a direct correlation
between club head speed and your handicap, as shown
in this chart from Trackman.

If your goal is to also be shooting lower scores, more speed and distance is one thing that gets you there.

As the leading experts in swing speed training, we show you how to gain speed.


Swing Man Golf’s online swing speed training programs were created by Jaacob Bowden, PGA:

  • Average length golfer at 27 years old who became long drive champion
  • Increased his own swing speed by 37 mph in 49 days
  • Won multiple qualifiers for the World Long Drive Championships
  • Won televised Pinnacle Distance Challenge with 381-yard drive
  • Venue record and best competitive drive of 421-yards
  • Top 100 Most Popular Instructor
  • World’s leading swing speed training expert



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Longer Drives
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Take 14 Shots Off Your Handicap
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The ENTIRE Mike Austin Video Library – $471 value


In 1974 at 64 years old, Mike hit a Guinness World
Record 515-yard drive during the US National Senior
Open in Las Vegas using a steel-shafted persimmon
driver with balata ball.

The Mike Austin online library includes:

Monthly Handicap Improver

60 online publicatons, each typically 16 pages, featuring photo and text
handicap improvement content from these experts:

Jaacob Bowden, PGA Founder of Swing Man Golf

Tom Wishon
Golf club design icon

Adam Young
Golf coach, best-selling author and practice expert

Geoff Mangum
Putting coach and expert

Long Drive Q&As with these World Long Drive Champions:

Jason Zuback
5 – Time World Long Drive Champion (1996-1999, 2006 Masters)

Jamie Sadlowski
4 – Time World Long Drive Champion (2005-2006 Junior, 2008- 2009)

Joe Miller
2 – Time World Long Drive Champion (2010, 2016)

Maurice Allen
2018 World Long Drive Champion

Jeff Flagg
2014 World Long Drive Champion

Mike Dobbyn
2007 World Long Drive Champion

Jeff Crittenden
2017 Masters World Long Drive Champion

Eddie Fernandes
2018 Masters World Long Drive Champion

Sandra Carlborg
4 – Time Women’s World Long Drive Champion (2011-2012, 2014-2015)

Jeff Gavin
2014 Masters Long Drive World Champion

Phillis Meti
2 – Time Women’s World Long Drive Champion (2006, 2016)

Heather Lemaster
2013 Women’s World Long Drive Champion


Audio instruction and interviews, typically 45 minutes in
length, from various well-known experts, CEOs, long drivers, and more, for example:

Jaacob Bowden, PGA

Andrew Rice Golf Coach

Fredrik Tuxen
CEO of Trackman

Shawn Clement

David Edel
CEO of Edel Golf

David Leadbetter
Golf Coach

Paul Wilson
Golf Coach

Mark Broadie Inventor of Strokes Gained metric

Dean Snell CEO of Snell Golf

Lance Reader CEO of Krank Golf

Martin Chuck Golf Coach

Eri Crum & Rob Hogan Speedgolf World Champions

And MORE!!!

Mental Game Training Audio Program ($49 value)

If you’ve been around sports and golf for any length of time, you probably understand the importance of the mental game. Zero Point Golf is a 3-track subliminal audio program created by Brainspeak and his Whole Brain Learning Institute (WBLI) used by numerous players on the PGA TOUR to help them double their earnings on the money list from one year to the next. All you do is listen, it’s pretty easy!


Jaacob’s work is great. It’s pretty straight forward. There are no magical tricks and it doesn’t mess with your golf swing. If you follow his advices, you will drive it further.

Pablo Martin
3-Time European Tour Winner, Increased
Max Swing Speed from 119 mph to 128 mph


“I’ve already added 6 mph to my driver and I’m itching to keep going and get more!”

Johor Masters
-Grant Jackson, Asian Tour, Winner of the PGM Maybank


My swing speed was around 105 mph, occasionally with a lot of uncontrolled effort I’d get it faster. The speed seems to still be increasing, I was up to a 121.40 mph average yesterday with no effort. On the golf course as of two months ago I’ve exceed all my longest drives and on one hole I beat my previous longest by 70 yards.

– Pete D


When I first started the swing speed training I was very skeptical it would do anything for me because I was already swinging at speeds close to 130 mph. But I wanted to get to the next level and be able to compete in the World Long Drive Championships. So I gave it a try. I gained 13 mph in just one month of the basic swing speed training.


Working with Jaacob’s speed training programs I increased my speed by 12 miles per hour in one month. The game is a lot more fun with the distances I’m hitting them. Now I’m reaching par-5’s in two more often. Speed training really works.

— Gary S, 38 years old


When I began losing distance, I figured it was a matter of advancing age and didn’t think there was much I could do about it. My drives were down from 240-260 yards to the 200-220 range, and I had to hit one or two clubs more on my other shots. But after using your training methods, my distance is nearly back. My drives are going 240 consistently, and I haven’t sacrificed accuracy to get that extra length.

— Joe B, 70 years old, 12 handicap


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