Add 30-40 yards in only 30 days with our expertise in long drive and our industry pioneering golf fitness swing speed training programs for amateurs and pros alike!



If you are looking to lower your handicap potential with more distance and drives that are crushed, you’ve come to the right place. With a little bit of effort on your part it’s quite easy to pick up 12-16 mph (about 30-40 yards) of driver swing speed in a month.

For those more dedicated, we’ve had numerous golfers pack on over 30 mph (that’s not a typo!) over 3-4 months. We’re talking +75-yard driving distance gains! Wow!

But not only do you learn about swing speed training, your monthly subscription (which you can cancel at any time) unlocks the vaults for you and provides bonus access to ALL the content we’ve produced since our 2007 launch!

That includes digital access to:

  • Hit it Longer – Swing Speed Training for Longer Drives
  • How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores
  • The Mike Austin Video Library
    • The Mike Austin Swing with Jaacob Bowden (1 hour 38 minutes)
    • Mike Austin at Studio City (35 minutes)
    • Mike Austin Teaching the Teachers (2 hours 47 minutes)
    • Mike Austin’s Austinology – Parts 1 to 4 (7 hours)
    • Mike Austin’s Golf is Mental Imagery – Vol 1 & 2 (1 hour 53 minutes)
    • Anatomy of the Golf Swing with Mike Dunaway & Mike Austin (1 hour 49 minutes)
  • 5 Years of the Monthly Handicap Improver from our Experts
  • Zero Point Golf Mental Game Training Audio Program




Swing Man Golf’s pioneering online swing speed training programs were created by Jaacob Bowden, PGA:

  • Average length golfer at 27 years old who became long drive champion
  • Increased his own swing speed by 37 mph in 49 days
  • Won multiple qualifiers for the World Long Drive Championships
  • Won televised Pinnacle Distance Challenge with 381-yard drive
  • Venue record and best competitive drive of 421-yards
  • Top 100 Most Popular Instructor
  • World’s leading swing speed training expert


Swing Man Golf is a 2021 Golf Fitness Association of America Award Winner for it's work in golf fitness and swing speed training
Swing Man Golf is a 2022 Golf Fitness Association of America Award Winner for it's work in golf fitness and swing speed training

If you are a golf, fitness, or medical professional, we also teach an online, self-paced, 1-day swing speed trainer certification program.

Learn how you too can both personally experience and also deliver rapid, drastic, and industry-leading swing speed gains to your golfers!
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