By Paul Myers

The 5 iron is one of the clubs that some new golfers spend a large amount of their time with because it is right in the middle of the set. It is a little bit easier to hit than some of the other long irons, but can hit the ball farther than the short clubs. For that reason, can be a great club to use when you are just learning the swing and trying to master your mechanics. However, even for experienced golfers, the 5 iron remains a vital part of any set and should never be completely overlooked during practice sessions.

5 Iron Distance is Key for the Rest of Your Clubs

Knowing how far you can hit your 5 iron is important information to have because you can use that number to then figure out most of the rest of your distances. For example, a golfer who is able to swing their driver with a 90 MPH swing speed should be able to hit a 5 iron approximately 156 yards. Knowing that, you can add or subtract about 8-10 yards for each club you move up or down in your set. The numbers you reach using this formula won’t be exact, but they can help you start to pick the right clubs before you accumulate more experience and start to dial in your distances more specifically (which you should do at some point!).

Often Useful on Par Threes

Among the many shots that a 5 iron can be useful for is the tee shot on par three holes. Many courses include par threes that are designed to land right around 5 iron distance for most golfers. Don’t be surprised if you find that during a given round, you have to hit your 5 iron on at least some of the par threes (on a regulation course). As par threes are commonly some of the most difficult holes on the entire course, it can be important to be comfortable with your 5 iron and be able to achieve your expected distance on a regular basis.

Stick with One Ball Flight

While advanced golfers may be able to move their 5 iron both right and left depending on the shot they are facing, many players will be best served sticking to just one ball flight for this club…a stock or go-to shot. You might choose whatever shot seems to come easiest to you with your 5 iron, and try to repeat that shape time after time. You might be able to hit a fade or draw on command with your shorter clubs, but doing so with a 5 iron can require a high level of skill and preparation.

One of the first things on your golf ‘to-do’ list can be getting comfortable with your 5 iron. Depending on the tees you choose to play, and the length of your local golf course, you may find that this club gets plenty of use during a normal round of golf.

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