By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob,

My name is Sean and I’m from Dublin.

I’m a 20 handicap and as you refer to a lot is that it’s easier to score with shorter clubs. I’ve recently bought a new driver and in the testing area Trackman showed I had a swing speed around 102 mph and around 220-230 carry. I’ve bought a Nike Bapor 420cc Tiger Woods driver with an X-stiff shaft.

I’m 6ft and 70 kg and I wonder is there room for improvement?


Jaacob’s Answer:

With a 102 club head speed, you could get in the low 250s for carry. So I’m guessing you either don’t hit the sweet spot consistently or perhaps don’t have an optimal launch angle and spin rate for 102.

To check your contact, get some Dr. Scholl’s foot powder spray and spray a little on your driver face and then hit a few balls. It wipes off easily but it’s a neat trick for seeing your strike pattern.

At 102, I would try to get you at 14-15 launch and…

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