By Adam Young

There are no quick fixes in golf that will make you hit the ball perfectly every time, right?

While I constantly urge people to take a more realistic and long-term outlook on their golf, there are some things we can do (which are very easy to implement) to create much better results instantly.

This can involve a simple shift in your thinking.

An Example

Last week, a player came to me wanting to improve, ready for their tournament on the weekend. I watched them hit a few shots, and used Trackman to measure all of the ball flight data.

Next, I asked them what they are typically thinking of during a shot – to which he responded “shoulder turn”. I then asked him to hit 20 shots for me with the same club, but this time focusing either on the target, or on brushing the ground in the right place. We alternated between the focuses, and I recorded the results for each on.

At the end of the 20 shots, we had a look at the results. When this player focused on the target, they had a significant decline in performance – their distance control became much worse. However, the focus…

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