By Paul Myers

If there is one club company over the past decade or so that has made more strides than any other, it could be Adams. This company has risen to prominence within the game and now offers high quality golf clubs throughout the bag. The Adams XTD TI driver is just another example of the technology and performance that Adams is able to put together in a golf club. This deep-faced driver brings plenty of modern touches that can help you find your perfect ball flight, while at the same time not going so overboard that the club is hard to look at or be off-putting at address.

Slots in the Club Head

The first thing you are likely to notice about the Adams XTD TI driver is the ‘Cut-Thru’ slots that are located just behind the club face with the intention of maximizing ball speed. Adams has aimed to push this club right up to the limit of the USGA rules in order to give you the best possible distance while still conforming. The goal of these slots are to make the ball ‘jump’ off the club face even when you miss the sweet spot. Even if you miss a shot slightly out toward the toe or in off the heel, it could still provide you with good distance thanks simply to the design of the club head.

As you probably expect, the technology in this club goes well beyond the slots behind the club face. The club also features an adjustable sole weight so you can fine tune the swing weight to your liking. Also, there is an adjustable hosel which will allow you to alter the loft of the club and the ball flight it produces. With the built-in slots to offer you a larger and more-explosive sweet spot, and the adjustability in terms of swing weight and loft, this driver has plenty of offer golfers of all ability levels.

Suitable for Many Players

That last point just might be the greatest strength of this XTD TI driver – it is a club that can work for golfers of just about any handicap. Accomplished players may appreciate the ball flights they can create and the distance that is possible, while less-experienced players could love the forgiveness and deep-face design that makes this driver easy to hit. There are plenty of drivers designed for good golfers, and plenty of drivers designed for not-so-good golfers, but there may only be a few that really please everyone.

There are a lot of good things to say about the Adams XTD TI driver, but your opinion is really the only one that matters. One way to decide what you think about a driver is simply to get it in your hands and hit some shots. If any of your local golf shops have them in stock and will permit you to demo the club on the range or even on the course, take advantage of that opportunity. It is a good bet that you may end up appreciating what the Adams XTD TI brings to the table, but try to get out and experience it for yourself.

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