By Paul Myers

One of the fastest swings on Tour belongs to a player you might not have heard of – Andrew Loupe. While the name might be a little bit new to you, Loupe is a player worth watching, if for nothing else than that impressive power that he possesses. While Andrew Loupe has yet to secure a win on the PGA Tour, he is currently ranking third on the PGA Tour swing speed list at an 122.81 MPH average. At just 25 years old, there is plenty of time for Loupe to round the rest of his game into shape and become known for more than just his power.

Where Does That Speed Come From?

To start with, Andrew Loupe has a large 6’1’’ frame to work with, which can be helpful in terms of generating speed. There is nothing unusual or unique about a tall player hitting the ball a long way on the PGA Tour. What is unique, however, it the way that Loupe goes about generating that power. Instead of making a big, wide golf swing with a long arc like so many other players on the Tour, Andrew Loupe makes a swing in which he stands close to the ball and keeps the club relatively close to his body throughout.

While this isn’t the norm for a tall player, it isn’t completely unseen on the Tour or in other high level golf events. By making a swing where the arms and club stay closer in to the body, he generates more whip during the downswing while still controlling the club face. There is something to be said for this kind of swing that stays closely connected throughout the backswing and downswing. Keeping the timing of the swing consistent could be easier this way, and the day to day performance on the swing may be more reliable.

Is This a Swing to Copy?

There is a lot to like about the motion that Andrew Loupe makes through the ball, and obviously the power that he is able to generate speaks for itself. However, most people would be better off sticking to their natural motion rather than trying to copy what Loupe does with the golf club. It requires a tremendous amount of speed and power to make his golf swing work properly, and that is something that most amateur golfers simply don’t have available without training. While you can certainly take notice of the way he keeps his swing connected and timed to the rest of his body, a little more extension may likely benefit the average golfer.

With a unique swing that is capable of generating some of the best power on the Tour, Andrew Loupe seems to have a big portion of the puzzle figured out. Even though that first PGA Tour win has not yet occurred, Loupe has posted some high finishes that speak to his potential and promise for the future. It won’t be a surprise if he is able to match the rest of his game to his prodigious power and start to be a more-familiar name on leaderboards throughout the Tour season.

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