By Adam Young

Chronic inflammation in the body can cause a whole host of problems from arthritis, asthma, aches and pains, to more serious problems – Inflammation has strong links with cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancers and diabetes. Whilst there will be multiple varying factors affecting inflammation, such as genetic predispositions (as there is with anything), lifestyle (exercise, stress levels, etc.) and environmental factors, diet can play a large role.

For athletes, this may play a role in injury prevention. I work with golfers of all levels, but amongst the elite, injury is a big problem. A player which has to take a month out for injury is falling behind with their practice schedule, and it may affect their ranking, or even if they can keep their tour card if they are on the professional tours. Eating the right foods and following the advice here may also aid in recovering quicker for injuries when they do occur.


Might need some ‘anti-inflammatory foods’ after this…

Anti – Inflammatory Foods

One thing that is often overlooked in nutrition is the inflammatory value of food. Foods have both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties…

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