By Tom Wishon

As a club head designer with over 30 years of experience in the field, there are a handful of terms used in the marketing of golf clubs which elicit a reaction from me that is well, less than positive. One of these is the use of the term “SWEET SPOT” when trying to express the ability of a club head to minimize the loss of distance from a shot hit off the center of the face.

In truth, no matter what the designer does to the design of the clubface, when you hit the ball off center there will be some distance loss and the feeling of impact will not be completely “sweet”! In fact, there is one and only one true “sweet spot” where the feeling of impact is completely solid, as if the ball jumped off the face. THAT sweet spot of perfect impact is a point on the face that is literally the size of the head of a pin.

The term “sweet spot,” as conceived by the marketing mavens, is a way to express the fact that club heads can be engineered to reduce the amount of distance loss when the shot is hit off center. How this is done in the design of the club head and how much the distance loss is reduced can vary…

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