By Geoff Mangum

Should a golfer hang his arms naturally at setup or crook his arms in some fixed shape with muscle tension?

There are two main body issues: tempo-rhythm for distance or ball pace control and movement in gravity physics for line control.

I. Tempo-rhythm: Tempo and rhythm are key elements to touch or distance control.

Brain science reveals that the brain is extremely¬†familiar and “wired” by repeating experiences about how much energy in swinging the arms sends the arms “so far” away from the side of the body, about the inherent tempo of the arm as pendulum with the tempo determined by the length of the arm, about the fact that any size swinging has only the same tempo, and about how fast the hand is swinging down and thru when its velocity peaks at the bottom of the swing. This “natural” tempo is far more “familiar” and hence “wired” than any other tempo the golfer could possibly use. The instincts then when intending to putt a ball a specific distance across a green surface will size this tempo to set the impact velocity, thus having the physics of the body action match the impact…

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