By Tom Wishon

Member Question:

Let’s face it, I will never get to a scratch handicap, but my goal for this year is to get below a 10. 

Is there any equipment I should avoid? 

What would you recommend? 

Tom’s Answer:

Yes, for sure there are specifications and sets of clubs out there on the market that most definitely can make it more difficult for golfers to improve.  Let’s start with a very old club fitting piece of advice that goes like this…

The longer the length, the lower the loft, the heavier the weight and the stiffer the shaft, the more difficult the clubs will be to hit.

The whole idea behind accurate club fitting is to be sure that your golf clubs are best matched to your individual size, strength, athletic ability and your unique swing characteristics.   When golf clubs are too long, too low in loft, too heavy and too stiff, they most definitely will prevent the golfer from ever being able to play as well as your natural ability would allow.  Not just that, but when your…

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