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2023 PGA TOUR Club Head Speed Rankings Are you curious what the club head speed rankings are on the PGA TOUR for 2023? Who posts the fastest swing speeds? Who has the slowest swing on PGA TOUR? Rank Name Average Club Head Speed 1 Brandon Matthews 126.51 2 Cameron...

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The Swing Speed Radar is Back!

For about 11 years from 2009-2019, we offered the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar in our product lineup. After about a 5-year break, we’ve decided to reintroduce it as one of our offerings again. It’s a fantastic product…well priced, portable, very easy to use with...

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Swing Man Golf celebrates 15 years

Today marks the 15th year since our original launch of the Swing Man Golf website back on October 15th, 2007. We've been through a lot together...with millions of unique visitors across the 3 generations of the site thus far: from 2007 to 2012, 2013 to 2018, and 2019...

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ANCORE Coupon Code for $50 Off

As many of you know who use our swing speed training programs, resistance bands are often found as part of the training, like in the video below. When people ask for a recommendation on the best resistance bands, we typically point our golfers to anything that is...

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