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Delayed Learning

By Adam Young One of the biggest lessons I can pass down to someone learning golf, or anything, from my experiences as a player is this – patience. Although not one of the key factors in learning, it certainly helps. This is just a quick piece to allow you to...

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Dan McIntosh Long Drive Q&A

Age:                        27 Height:                  6' 0” Weight:                 198 lbs Driver Specs: 4-Degree Callaway XR, 3x HOF Ninja Shaft Sponsors: The Athlete Factory, Callaway Special Accomplishments: Won a 2-day professional stroke play event, university...

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Supercar Golf Swing

By Adam Young You have just been invited to drive a Formula One car around for the day - you can't wait! You excitedly jump into the driver's seat, only to find that it is really narrow and you can barely squeeze in - uncomfortable. As you stare at the steering wheel,...

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What Is The Best Ball Position?

By Jaacob Bowden In order that you hit the ball where you want, it can be important to understand the implications of what will happen if you hit the ball from various positions in your stance. So where is the best ball position? Well, it depends…let me explain....

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Emil Rosberg Long Drive Q&A

Age:                       20 Height:                 6’3” (190 cm) Weight:                207 lbs (94 kg) Driver Specs: Callaway XR 3-degree head with Paderson Shafts Sponsors: Callaway Golf, Paderson, Cross Sportswear, ILovePizza Accomplishments: 2 Wins on the...

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