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Tyler Kellett Long Drive Q&A

Age:                                  35 Height:                            5'11 Weight:                           209 Driver Specs: 3-degree Krank Golf F5 custom Sponsors: Krank Golf, Sligo, Tornado Tee, Champ Spikes, Pure Grips Special Accomplishments: 2nd - 1996...

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Justin Thomas Joins List of Young Winners

By Paul Myers There are now three tournaments in the books for the 2015-’16 PGA Tour season, and each of them has seen a first-time winner take the title. Emiliano Grillo and Smylie Kaufman, both 23 years of age, won the first two tournaments before the Tour headed to...

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Your Questions Answered

By Jaacob Bowden Member Question: Hi Jaacob, So my questions are: What upper body lifts translate well to clubhead speed? What lower body lifts translate well to clubhead speed? Which exercise has the most correlation to clubhead speed? Which strength exercise...

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Yet Again, Youth Rules on the PGA Tour

By Paul Myers At some point, someone above the age of 25 will win on the PGA Tour. However, it doesn’t seem to be a given that it will happen anytime soon. The ‘Youth Movement’ has officially begun, and it has begun in a big way. There are two tournaments now in the...

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A Change of Mind

By Adam Young There are no quick fixes in golf that will make you hit the ball perfectly every time, right? While I constantly urge people to take a more realistic and long-term outlook on their golf, there are some things we can do (which are very easy to implement)...

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