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Jeff Flagg Long Drive Q&A

Age:                                        29 Height:                                  6'6" Weight:                                 230 lbs Driver Specs: Callaway XR 5 degrees, UST LD4 3x 48" shaft Sponsors: Callaway Golf Special Accomplishments: 2014 World Long...

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A Big Week for the Future of Golf

By Paul Myers There was no PGA Tour even this past weekend, as the Tour Championship has concluded and some of the game’s best players get ready for the Presidents Cup this coming week in South Korea. However, that doesn’t mean that it was a quiet week in the world of...

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Your Questions Answered

By Jaacob Bowden Member Question: Hi Jaacob, I'm struggling with the concept of swinging fast rather than swinging hard. I know how "forcing" anything in golf is detrimental. However increasing swing speed takes extra effort &, dare I say it, FORCE. I try to keep...

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Getting Rid of the Pull Stroke in Putting

By Geoff Mangum Nearly all golfers develop a "pull" stroke in their early days of golfing. The main reason for this is standing beside the ball facing the target with the eyes, with a torso also "facing" the target. This "open" body posture results in a stroke action...

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Jeff “The Critter” Crittenden Long Drive Q&A

Age:                                 44 Height:                           6’2” Weight:                          230 lbs Driver Specs: 1X and 2X House of Forged Platinum 6-degree MOI Intruder (depending on conditions) Sponsors: TCDi, Champ Sports, Tattoo Golf, House of...

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Olympic Golf is a Year Away

By Paul Myers The Summer Olympics will be held in Rio in 2016, and golf is set to make its appearance as an official event for the first time in the modern era. While there has been plenty of back-and-forth debate over whether or not golf should be played in the...

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