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The Open Championship and Pursuing Dreams

By Jaacob Bowden As I mentioned last month and in this month’s intro, I had recently been getting in some play and practice to get ready for The Open Championship qualifying. This particular Open Championship had special meaning and I really wanted to get in for a...

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What is a MPH of clubhead speed worth?

By Dave Tutelman I mean in distance. How many additional yards will you get for every MPH of clubhead speed? I have seen lots of writings saying something like "distance is clubhead speed times 2.4," or maybe "distance is clubhead speed times 2.6." But it's not. More...

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Three Keys to Hitting the Lob Wedge

By Paul Myers For many amateur golfers, the lob wedge is an intimidating club. Sure, it is capable of hitting a wide range of useful shots, but it can also lead to some embarrassing mistakes. Anyone who has ever slid their lob wedge right under the ball – and whiffed...

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Your Questions Answered

By Jaacob Bowden Member Question: Hi Jaacob, Tomorrow is my next day of isometric band training. I started with 21 lbs of resistance and that seem like a good workout for me. What increment should I try to go up each session?  I was thinking of trying to move up to 23...

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The Importance of Lie Angles

By Jaacob Bowden I wanted to briefly go over the importance of having your lie angles checked and adjusted. The lie angle is the difference between the angle of the shaft relative to the center sole of the club. Lie angles that are too upright will point left (for a...

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