By Paul Myers

Bridgestone is a well-respected golf brand, but they typically get more attention for their golf balls and iron sets than they do for their drivers. While those other products are probably worth your consideration, this J40 driver is as well. Like almost all Bridgestone clubs, this driver looks great and has the performance characteristics to back up those looks. If a traditional look is what you are going for, while still getting the modern technology of a top-line driver, give the J40 a look…

Two Sizes to Consider

There are two different club head sizes offered in the J40 – a 430cc and a 445cc option. While that might not seem like a big difference, it can change the way the club looks and feels to the player. As you would probably expect, the 430cc version is targeted for better players who want good distance, but also want to be able to control the shape of the shot off the tee. On the other hand, the 445cc club head can be a great choice for less-experienced players who need a little more forgiveness but still appreciate the classic looks and solid feel of the J40. In reality, while there are subtle differences between these two clubs, you can probably go with whatever one you feel most comfortable with – even if that doesn’t follow traditional thinking. If you aren’t yet a great player but prefer the look of a slightly smaller club head, the difference in performance may not be enough to cause any problems. Likewise, good players who want the confidence and forgiveness of a bigger sweet spot might think about trying out the 445cc for themselves.

Keep It Simple

If you have been shopping around for a new driver and have been looking at many of the latest models, you have likely seen all of the new adjustable technology that is going into clubs today. Many clubs offer the ability to change out the shaft, adjust the loft or lie angle, and move the weight around the club head – all on the go. You won’t find any of those features on the J40. Instead, what you will find is a traditionally designed golf club that is able to produce a solid, low ball flight with low spin. For golfers who play in windy conditions, or fight the ball spinning too much and losing distance as a result, the J40 could be just the answer you are looking for. Overall, the lack of adjustability shouldn’t be held against this club because it is such a solid performer. If you decide that this is the driver for you, simply make sure to get a club fitting completed ahead of time so you can get the right shaft and loft combination for your swing. As long as you do that, you may not need to make after-the-fact adjustments.

Bridgestone might not ever get as much attention for their drivers as they do for their irons and golf balls, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Clubs like the J40 demonstrate that they are just as capable of producing a high-quality driver as many of the other manufacturer’s in the business. If you get the chance, try out the J40 430cc or 445cc for yourself.

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