By Paul Myers

The story of Brooks Koepka and his professional golf career is an interesting one, and it is still just getting started. A standout player at Florida State in college, Koepka turned pro and took his game to Europe in order to try and work his way up the ranks. The strategy worked incredibly well, and he is now on the PGA Tour and has posted some impressive finishes for a player who is still just 24 years old. Among his most notable accomplishments to date includes a T4 finish at the U.S. Open and a T15 finish at the PGA Championship. Only having turned pro two short years ago, it seems likely that there is still a lot left to be heard from Brooks Koepka in the years to come.

Crushing the Ball

Brooks Koepka has the ability to absolutely crush the golf ball by Tour standards – there is no doubt about that. Ranking 5th currently on the 2014 PGA Tour swing speed list, Koepka averages 122.33 MPH with his driver swing. Perhaps more impressively, he has topped out at 127.91 MPH, which is among the fastest speeds recorded all season on the Tour. While you don’t get out onto the PGA Tour with sheer swing speed alone, power is obviously one of the weapons that Brooks Koepka relies on. At 6’, he is able to use his size and athleticism to create speed and accelerate through the ball aggressively.

A Unique Swing Position

If you watch Brooks Koepka swing the golf club, one element of his swing may immediately stand out. At the top of the back swing, he reaches a position where his left wrist is a bit bowed an the club face is “closed”. There are other pros who play this way, so it is not completely unheard of, but the degree to which Koepka has his wrist bowed is more pronounced than most.

Koepka takes takes the club up steeply on the backswing, and reroutes it slightly to the inside on the way down. If the club was taken back flatter, some would say he could have difficulty squaring the ball up through impact. Also, he has some leg drive. Without what some would consider a powerful lower body move through the swing, he wouldn’t have the same swing. He has managed to successfully combine a couple of specific swing elements that come together to produce a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

The evidence all points to Brooks Koepka potentially being one of the next big stars on the PGA Tour. He is just 24 years old, has one of the most-powerful swings in the game, and has already seen some impressive results on the biggest stages in golf. As long as the rest of his game continues to develop in the same way that his power has, the sky is the limit for this exciting player.

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