By Paul Myers

The name ‘Big Bertha’ is one of the most-recognized golf brands in the history of the game, as Callaway has been offering Big Bertha drivers for many years – and they have almost always been highly popular among a range of golfers. The new Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver is another in that storied line, and it is sure to have a fan club all of its own before too long. Loyalists to the Callaway brand might appreciate that the club has the classic Big Bertha look, while being updated with newer technologies.

Light is Right

Driving the golf ball farther is a lot about adding speed, and that is what Callaway has tried to help the player do with this driver. The club overall is lighter than previous versions – and lighter usually means faster. The shape of the club face can have golfers instantly reminded of previous versions of the Big Bertha, although the center of gravity has been lowered in an effort to increase ball speeds, and therefore distance. The name Big Bertha has always been associated with power and distance on the golf course, and it seems that the V Series has been designed to keep that tradition alive and well.

Of course, it wouldn’t work to just keep making the same Big Bertha with a couple tweaks and call it good – after all, the other club companies are constantly changing and innovating their offerings. The new V Series Big Bertha has an adjustable hosel like so many of the other drivers on the market today, allowing for you to alter the loft and lie angle of the club to meet your needs. It is important that you are swinging a driver with just the right loft to optimize your launch angle and spin rate, and the Big Bertha can help allow you to do just that with a quick adjustment to the hosel. After just a short time experimenting with this driver on the practice range, you could be able to dial in your ball flight and get the exact performance that you are looking for.

True to the Classic

At address, this club keeps with the traditions of the Big Bertha line and offers a very clean and simple appearance. The club doesn’t have any extra graphics on the top besides an alignment aid, so your eye will be able to focus on the ball and the task at hand. It is nice to see that tradition and technology don’t have to be enemies – this club includes all of the modern science you need to hit great shots, but at the same time is able to provide a clean look that many golfers appreciate.

Trying out the Big Bertha V Series for yourself is the only way to truly know if it is well-suited for your game. However, if you have used, and enjoyed, previous versions of the Big Bertha through the years, there is a good chance you will appreciate this one as well. Callaway has arguably done a good job of keeping the continuity in the product such that the club might even feel familiar to you the first time you pick it up. Despite that, it has still been improved with each passing model, and the Big Bertha V Series is one to watch.

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