By Jaacob Bowden

Presenting Case:

Hi Jaacob,

Been doing the swing speed stuff this last couple of weeks and I just can’t seem to get it up.

My speed is around 105, Max 107’ish. I have had 109 occasionally this week.

I looked at my Trackman combine tests just by chance and on the page it had max swing speed. My last test, which was really good, was at 107.9 I think. But that was just normal. My previous one before that max was 110.

Again not trying to swing fast.

I’ve been doing the Swing Wing, then the Speed Whoosh, then driver no ball, and then hit 5. Then repeat. Occasionally I’ve done the band work in the room. I did it regular at a tournament but still no change. There is no real difference between normal and me trying to step on it at the moment. With both driver and irons.

My swing speed monitor is playing up. That doesn’t matter too much as I’m hitting the shots on Trackman. My irons have been down too. I did injure my neck then got really ill for 2 weeks. But fully fit now.

I’ve also been doing insanity training and now onto t25. Not much weights at all, just general fitness. Keep body fat down. Those are great when travelling not equipment and little space too. Don’t get many hotels with a gym and tough to go running where most are so been best way to maintain fitness while at tournaments. At the moment it’s 5 days a week. I just follow the program. So its Monday to Friday with Saturday off and Sunday stretch.         

Any advice?

– Anonymous Tour Player and Swing Man Golf Member

Jaacob’s Assessment:

I’ve had a chance to look at your comments. Here are my thoughts.

Certainly, having a neck injury and being ill could slow you down and/or prevent you from picking up any speed. I remember during one period when I was doing swing speed training I had a cut on my thumb. I could feel the cut when I swung fast, even when it was covered, so I couldn’t bring myself to swing all out and until that cut healed, my speeds weren’t where I would have liked. So that…

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