Swing Speed Trainer Certification

What is swing speed training?
Golfers today are more fit, but fit doesn’t mean fast.

Swing speed training teaches fast…and since 2007 we’ve been the best at it.

Who is the program for?
Taught by the golf fitness industry’s long-standing go-to swing speed expert and long driver, Jaacob Bowden, PGA, this online, self-paced, 1-day program is designed specifically for golf, fitness, and medical professionals.
What do you learn?
Through the Swing Speed Training Certification course, we cover the fundamentals of swing speed training, including: terminology, myths, and common mistakes; critical power development training principles and protocols; classes of key training aids; and insights on flexibility/mobility, visualization, and nutrition.

By applying this industry-best knowledge, you’ll have the expertise you need to strategically design your own unique swing speed training programs catered to maximize results at your own market and facility…and you’ll be able to quickly help players of all ages and skill levels to hit the ball more powerfully and farther than ever imagined, far beyond what technique and equipment fitting alone can do.

What are the benefits?
We teach what is effective. We teach what gets real results. We teach what makes you money.
  • Have a program to put into play tomorrow and build on over time
    • Get a first-class plug-and-play player power development program that delivers rapid results
    • Design your own unique custom power player development programs for your juniors, amateurs, ladies, seniors, professionals, and long drivers
  • Improve your value proposition
    • With swing speed training certification under your belt you’ll separate yourself and your facility from the pack with new services & credentials
  • Deliver player results that drive buzz and demand
    • Grow your customer base with more lessons and referrals
    • With more demand for your swing speed expertise you’ll be able to charge more money for yourself and your facility
  • Be the proof!
    • Impress students and compete better in qualifiers, national/section events, etc by dramatically increasing your own personal driving distance
  • Get training credentials & continuing education credits
    • Pass the 50-question test and get an official certificate of completion for professional use & display
    • Get 7 PDRs (PGA Professionals), 4 CUs (LPGA), & Structured Formal Learning That Can Be Added To Your CPD Record (PGA Great Britain & Ireland)
Your Golfers Will Make Rapid Transformations
Happy golfers play more rounds, buy more merchandise, and spend more on F & B!
Swing Man Golf is a 2021 Golf Fitness Association of America Award Winner for it's work in golf fitness and swing speed training
Swing Man Golf is a 2022 Golf Fitness Association of America Award Winner for it's work in golf fitness and swing speed training

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