By Paul Myers

Swing speed is far from the only measure of a good golfer. However, it is an important skill to have, especially on the PGA Tour where the golf courses average around 7200 yards in length. When you start talking swing speed and those that possess the most of it on Tour, the name Charlie Beljan could quickly come to mind. In the 2014 PGA Tour statistics, only Bubba Watson is ahead of Beljan in terms of swing speed. Looking back a year, Beljan stood alone as the fastest swinger in the Tour. No matter how you look at it, Charlie Beljan has more than enough power to work with in his game.

Who Is Charlie Beljan?

Beljan is a powerful professional golfer with one PGA Tour win to his credit. The power that he possesses isn’t a complete surprise, as he stands 6’4’’ tall and is listed over 200 pounds. However, there are plenty of professional golfers who have that kind of size on their side, and most of them still aren’t able to turn out the swing speed that Beljan can. So far in 2014, is average swing speed is 123.16 MPH. With that kind of speed at the bottom of his swing, there are very few par fives that are safe from Beljan taking a go at them in two shots.

One of the most impressive things about the power that Beljan has is the relatively simple swing which he uses to create it. Unlike some powerful players who move all around during their swings to create space and speed, Beljan keeps it simple. He stands tall with very little flex in his knees – common for some tall men. There is very little rerouting of the golf club during the swing, and the shaft stays largely on the same plane throughout. This is considered by some to be a great way for a powerful player to swing because they say it requires less timing in order to control the ball flight of the driver.

Learn from Charlie

There is a lot that the average golfer can learn from Charlie Beljan, even if they can’t reproduce his incredible power. Simplicity is always a good thing to have in a golf swing, as it helps to hit more consistent shots – and hit them under pressure as well. Too many amateur golfers make the mistake of thinking they have to do a lot in their golf swing in order to generate power. Often, the opposite is true. When a swing is simple and makes it easy to hit the sweet spot time after time, distance can quickly increase if only through the quality of contact that is made. Once you have a consistent platform to build on, you can start to swing more aggressively and add speed while maintaining the simple elements that make the swing successful.

For Charlie Beljan, the future would seem to be bright in terms of more wins and accomplishments on the PGA Tour. You can’t teach size or power, and Beljan has plenty of both to keep up with the longest hitters on the Tour.

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