By Paul Myers

When you are getting ready to pick out a new golf driver to add to your bag, there are probably a few main considerations that you will make. How well has it been reviewed by other golfers? What customizable features does it have? What professionals are using it? These are questions that some serious golfers ask before making one of the most-expensive golf purchases there is.

Another issue comes up sometimes, that deserves a closer look – that is, how the golf driver club itself looks. Should the look of the club affect your buying decision? Or is it better to just focus on performance and not worry about the paint job or shape of the head? The answers to these questions are personal to a degree, but it can be important to understand what role looks have in the performance of a club.

It’s All about Confidence

It’s important to be confident in any club that you decide to put in the bag. If you aren’t confident when you stand over a shot and get ready to swing, the results are probably never going to be as good as they could be. To a certain degree, the look of your club will play into that level of confidence. If you look down and see a club that doesn’t set up correctly to your eye, you might not ever feel like you are totally in control. In this case, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What looks like a perfect golf club to one player, could look like a total mess to another.

Focus on the Ball

While it is okay to have different graphics and colors on your golf driver head if they look good to you, it could be a mistake to distract too much from the ball at address. Some golfers want their eyes to start on the ball, and stay there throughout the swing. When there is too much going on from a graphics perspective on your golf driver, you might find that your gaze is pulled back onto the club head instead of remaining on the ball or wherever else you like to focus. In this way, the look of the golf driver could actually have a negative effect on the technical aspects of your swing.

Make Sure to Test

What looks good on the Internet might not be so effective when it is actually in your hands on the practice range or the first tee. One way to know if you will like a golf driver – and if it will look good to your eye – is to actually hit some shots with it. Make sure you try out any golf driver that you are considering purchasing and see what results you get. In the end, you just might be surprised to find that you like one style of golf driver better than another, even if you went into it with the opposite opinion. Since purchasing a new golf driver is such a financial commitment for some, take the extra time and effort to do your testing and pick the one that you are sure will work for your game on the first try.

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