For Amateurs:

Just because gyms are closed and many professional sporting events have been cancelled doesn’t mean you still can’t learn more about golf and increase your distance with Swing Man Golf’s All-Access.

  • Basic swing speed training can be done at home and you don’t even need a gym to gain distance. Pick up 12-16 mph (30-40 yards) in just 30 days and come out of this coronavirus quarantine hitting farther than ever!
  • Watch the 6 videos available in the Mike Austin video library – golf’s 515-yard man!
  • Read and listen to over 5 years’ worth of audio and PDF content via our Monthly Handicap Improver experts

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For PGA Professionals:

Take advantage of the extra time available to you and work on your continuing education online with Swing Man Golf’s Swing Speed Training Certification Program. It’s a 1-day program and after you pass the 50-question assessment, you can turn your certificate of completion in for 7 MSRs.

Oh, and if you register in March 2020, you can get 25% off with the promo code:


If you’d like to read them, Jaacob Bowden, PGA has made a few recent blog posts on his personal website.