By Adam Young

For years, it seems as if leaning the shaft forwards at impact has been the holy grail of golf.

But how much can this really help you?

What might be the cost?

While I am not advocating getting the club to lean back at impact, having an excessive amount of shaft lean can certainly cause issues, especially in the average golfer. There are even many devices on the market aimed at increasing shaft lean – and while these may get some player into the ballpark of a normal amount, many players (like myself) may end up over doing it.

Reduce Bounce

Your club has a certain amount of bounce – the sole of the club juts out and acts like a rudder to prevent the club digging too much. However, leaning the shaft forwards at impact reduces this, and can limit the beneficial effects of the club’s bounce.

It is actually becoming more common to reduce shaft lean in the short game now, with notable short game experts such as James Ridyard, James Seickmann and Stan Utley opting for a more neutral shaft angle…

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