By Adam Young

We are often told that there is a perfect swing, or that every individual has an optimal model. But with individual variations of…

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Limb length
  • Point specific strength
  • Power production profile
  • Flexibility profile
  • Previous sporting experiences
  • Previous life experiences
  • Ligament/tendon attachments
  • Injuries/limitations
  • Genetic motor patterns

…and a million other elements, it is ludicrous to think we can work out what the optimal will be for each player. There will always be individual differences between players, because of the stated elements above, and our human body has much greater chance of working out what is optimum for us than we ever consciously can.


Luckily, our human bodies were blessed with the ability to self-organize.

What does this mean?

Take a person with a physical limitation…

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