By Jaacob Bowden

Listed below are my answers to some of the most common questions Tom and I have received thus far about Sterling Irons ™ and single length irons in general.

Are single length irons legal?

The Sterling Irons ™ were specifically designed to be USGA conforming. We’re currently in the process of submitting them to the USGA for approval.

What are the benefits of single length irons?

The main selling point of single length irons is that they are simply easier to play.

In a conventional set of golf clubs, each iron is made with a different length and weight…and they are meant to be played from a different ball position as you go from club to club. Golf is already hard enough and conventional iron design only complicates the game further.

On the other hand, single length irons are all the same length and weight. This means you only need one swing and one ball position as you go from club to club.

For the average amateur who doesn’t play regularly, this can make hitting the ball easier and the game more fun.

For the better player and/or professional…

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