By Swing Man Golf Staff

Yesterday, Bryson DeChambeau won his 7th PGA TOUR title and got his first major win at the US Open at Winged Foot Golf Club.

He did so by averaging 325.6 yards off the tee, the longest ever by a US Open champion…and he gained +5.38 strokes relative to the field off the tee.

Bryson was quoted as saying:

“They made the fairways too small this week for the guys that were really hitting the fairway…if it’s too narrow, length is gonna win. Too wide, length is gonna win.”

With the way golf is going, more distance is a must to stay relevant. You see this in statistical research too. Longer players across all skill levels simply have lower handicap and scoring potential.

But where do we get more distance?

Given USGA restrictions on equipment performance and the fact that most high-level players are now custom fit, we’re pretty much restricted on further distance gains through equipment. Some techniques are better than others for more power, but gains are limited there too.

What hasn’t really been exploited on the PGA TOUR is more distance through golf fitness. Granted more and more golfers and tour players are recognizing the benefit of golf fitness. However, fit doesn’t mean fast. Bryson is the first mainstream player that is starting to tap into the principles of speed.

But interestingly, as much distance as Bryson has gained over the last year, even he is really just barely scratching the surface of what’s possible.

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