By Tom Wishon

No question about it.  Everyone wants to hit the driver longer.  Show me a golfer who doesn’t put more distance off the tee as a high priority for their game and I will show you a golfer who either, a) is a bald face liar, or b) has been so abused by poor performance of his or her present driver that a little wisdom has set in which finally makes them realize keeping the ball in play is more important than hoping they can hit that long drive more than one out of six swings.

For the vast majority of golfers, the driver is by far the most difficult club to hit consistently well.  Why?  Because it is the longest club in the bag by far and also has the lowest loft.  There happens to be an old saying well known to custom club fitters that says:  The longer the length, the lower the loft, the heavier the weight and the stiffer the shaft, the more difficult the club will be to hit.   Unfortunately the driver qualifies in two out of the four points in this saying.  That means many golfers are already at a disadvantage when trying to find a driver they can hit longer and with reasonable control.

So how do you get the most distance possible out of a driver?  First off, stop thinking about buying a driver off the rack from any of the retail golf stores, on line stores or pro shops.  The standard specifications that all the big companies build into their drivers are too long, too…

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