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You can gain great speed with or without a Swing Speed Radar®, but generally speaking, we do find that those that incorporate a swing speed radar in to their training get higher and faster swing speed gains.

Stop Guessing, And Start Swinging With Confidence!

Do you dream of longer drives, more precise irons, and a lower score? Every golfer knows swing speed is a critical factor in achieving these goals. But how do you accurately measure your swing and track your progress? Introducing Swing Speed Radar, the ultimate training tool for golfers of all skill levels. You can gain great speed with or without a Swing Speed Radar, but generally speaking, those who incorporate a swing speed radar into their training get higher and faster swing speed gains.

What is a Swing Speed Radar?

Swing Speed Radar is a cutting-edge sports speed radar specifically designed for golfers. This innovative device uses advanced Doppler radar technology to capture your clubhead speed upon impact instantly. Unlike traditional swing sensors that attach to your club, Swing Speed Radar provides a hassle-free and contactless way to measure your swing.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Choose Sports Speed Radar:

  • You get immediate feedback to ensure you are pushing yourself on each and every training swing.
  • You gain confidence and motivation to keep going when you see objective gains.
  • You can more quickly identify holes in your training if you aren’t getting the gains you expect.
  • You can isolate which technical swing thoughts and moves produce the best results.
  • You can monitor your swing speed over time and see the results of your training efforts.
  • You can gain valuable insights into your swing power and step up to the tee with newfound confidence.
  • You can built to withstand the elements, Swing Speed Radar is your reliable training partner for years to come.
  • Sports Swing Speed Radar is compact, lightweight, and requires minimal setup. Take it to the range, the course, or even practice in your backyard.
  • Launch monitors from Trackman, Flightscope, or Foresight Sports are the ones most commonly seen on the PGA TOUR and at the World Long Drive Championships. However, depending on the package you buy, those can cost over $25,000.

If you are looking for a lower-cost alternative, the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar® has been our favorite brand choice for years because:

It’s much more affordable at $149
It is smaller and packs up nicely in your golf/training/travel bag
It’s accurate enough that you can gauge gains
It’s easy to operate using only a single button
Many professional long drivers use one as part of their training

Beyond Golf: The Versatility of Blue Swing Speed Radar

While Sports Speed Radar excels in golf training, its applications extend to other sports that rely on swing mechanics, such as baseball and softball. Our signature blue Swing Speed Radar stands out for its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and unwavering accuracy. We use premium components and rigorous testing procedures to ensure you receive a reliable and long-lasting product.

Ready to take your golf game to the next level? Swing Speed Radar is the missing piece in your training arsenal. Get a Swing Speed Radar Today!

Golf Speed Sensor, Sports Speed Radar



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