By Paul Myers

At first look, Graham DeLaet might not appear to be the prototypical PGA Tour bomber. After all, he stands less than six feet tall, and certainly weighs less than 200 pounds. However, the stats don’t lie – DeLaet is right up there with the longest hitters on the Tour and possesses one of the most consistent swings around. Something of a late bloomer on the pro golf scene, Graham DeLaet is still a relatively new name to lots of golf fans despite being 32 years old. No matter how long it took him to arrive, he appears poised to stay around for a while with a combination of power and control in his golf swing that is uncommon.

Just Outside the Top Ten

For the 2014 PGA Tour season, Graham DeLaet is ranked 11th in terms of average swing speed off the tee. His average of 119.80 is right up there with the biggest hitters around, and he has even moved it up to 122.83 for his fastest swing this season. With plenty of club head speed to spare, there are no golf courses on the Tour that will be too long for DeLaet to take on successfully.

Keep the Club Moving

As mentioned above, Graham DeLaet isn’t the biggest guy you will find on the PGA Tour. He appears, however, in excellent physical condition and is able to use is body to generate serious club head speed. If you are to watch him swing the club, the first thing that may stand out is the quick tempo of the swing as a whole. Many long hitters use a long, slower backswing and gradually generate speed and power. That is not the plan for Graham DeLaet. Instead, his swing is quick and abrupt, but it seems perfectly suited to his build and mechanics. With just the right tempo to square the club up time after time, he is able to use his power efficiently and achieve great ball striking.

If you would like to learn from what Graham DeLaet does with his golf swing, the lesson that you might take away is that you could match your swing to your own personal traits. DeLaet could have tried to copy the long swings of other long hitters like Bubba Watson, but that wouldn’t of been a good fit for his size and physique. Instead, he has created a swing that is true to him and is effective for him as an individual. That is the same way you might think about your golf swing. It doesn’t matter how others do it – what is the best way for you to swing the club?

Not everyone will be surprised if Graham DeLaet is able to make a bigger and bigger impact on the PGA Tour in years to come. While putting is always important on Tour, great ball striking will take a player a long way. With a powerful swing that is repeatable and consistent, DeLaet seems to have a ball striking edge on many of his competitors. He already has a nice list of accomplishments to his name on the Tour, and that first PGA Tour win could just around the corner.

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