With Tom Wishon

MHI Golfer Question:

What’s your opinion of groove sharpening tools?

I’ve had my Sterling Irons since the fall of 2016; while still okay, I know the day is coming when they won’t be as sharp as I’d like.

Paired with my Sterling Irons, is a Wishon Golf 929HS 16.5º 4-wood which I love. Sadly, it’s acquired a few small chips in the metallic black paint which I would like to fix. I was thinking about trying to match an automotive touch up to the color.

Am I on the right track here?

On that same club, the white fill paint in the stripes on its sole has started to come out a bit, what do you recommend I use to touch it up?

I like to keep my equipment looking its best.

Thanks for any help.

Tom’s Answer:

I am 1 million % against the use of groove sharpening tools.

Not only will you…

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