By Paul Myers

Henrik Stenson is one of the most-interesting players in golf as he has gone through plenty of ups and downs in his golf career. At one point Stenson seemed poised to become one of the best players in the world on a consistent basis, only to lose his form and fall well down in the world golf rankings. However, Stenson has since regained his form and is now unquestionably one of the very few best golfers in the world.

Elite Swing Speed

Despite being in his late 30’s at this point in his career, Stenson is still a very powerful player. As evidence of that, his swing speed currently ranks tenth in the 2014 PGA Tour season statistics, with an impressive 120.36 MPH. Ball striking is one of the clear strengths of Stenson’s game, and it allows him to consistently play well on the biggest stages in golf. A past winner of the FedEx Cup, it is clear that Stenson is comfortable with being on a high level golf stage.

Great Technical Swing

Unlike someone such as Fred Couples or Ernie Els, Stenson doesn’t use a golf swing that most people would consider ‘flowing’ or ‘smooth’. His swing is more mechanical and technical in nature, but it sure is highly effective. He seems to be able to deliver the club directly to the back of the ball time after time, which provides him with impressive consistency and the ability to hit quality shots on the most difficult golf courses – even under pressure. That ability is something that is sure to serve him well in the always intense Ryder Cup matches.

Experienced at the Top

The 2014 Ryder Cup will be the third for Stenson, and the European team is certainly glad to have him considering his recent form. In the past two seasons along, Stenson has managed to post four top-5 finishes in majors, including a second place finish at the 2013 Open Championship. Because of the Ryder Cup format, Stenson could seem to be a desirable partner for any other European player because of his quality ball striking and experience on the big stage. No matter who the United States team decides to put up against Stenson throughout the weekend, those players will be in for a serious challenge if they are going to wrestle away even a half point from this accomplished player.

While Stenson is 38 years old, his stay at the top of the game of golf seems to just be getting started. Players are staying longer on Tour than ever before thanks in part to improved fitness routines and perhaps financial motivation, and also to improved equipment which allows players to retain most of their distance later into their 40’s. For a golfer like Stenson with such a high-quality golf swing and solid mechanics, he looks to continue to post high finishes in big events for many years to come. Likewise, it stands to reason that he could become one of the experienced leaders that Europe’s Ryder Cup team leans on for at least the next two or three competitions.

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