By Paul Myers

Hudson Swafford is another in a  list of players from the University of Georgia to make noise in the professional golf world. Swafford is another long hitter on a Tour full of them, and his 6’3’’ inch frame certainly plays a part in that power. At 27 years old, he is yet to land in the winner’s circle on the PGA Tour, however he does have a professional win to his credit on the Tour. Given his experience and accomplishments earlier in his golf career as a collegian, it won’t be a surprise to some in the least if Hudson Swafford is able to take the next step and compete for titles.

The Necessary Power

To compete on the PGA Tour today, players need at certain level of power to handle the long courses that are played – especially in the big events. Hudson Swafford possesses more than moderate power, ranking 17th in the 2014 swing speed statistics at 119.32 MPH average. Already having a power advantage over most of the other players in the field, Swafford stands a great chance to be able to improve his ranking and continue to add accomplishments to his resume.

A Beautiful Swing

The swing that Hudson Swafford makes is what many golf teachers would consider to be a ‘classic’. Even watching in slow motion, there isn’t much that a lot of teachers would find in his swing that could be adjusted or tweaked in any way. The backswing is  considered by some to be fundamentally beautiful, and there is a slight reroute of the club at the top to drop it into the slot and deliver it powerfully from the inside. On the downswing, one element that stands out is just how quiet his feet are through the hitting area, which is a popular modern preference amongst today’s teachers. Instead of moving all around like some other powerful players, like Sam Snead, he uses his technique and large frame to remain stable and balanced through the ball in a different way. He is able to combine a fast swing with the control of a player who hits the ball much shorter.

The average golfer watching Hudson Swafford swing the golf club should take note of just how nicely he is able to execute his modern fundamentals throughout the motion. While there is room for individualism in the golf swing, it is still important to keep the fundamentals in place for solid ball striking. Good fundamentals are important because they, along with a good mental state of being,  are more likely to hold up under pressure than a swing that is pieced together with a series of elements with lots of timing. Try to build your swing on a combination of fundamental execution and your own personal style until you reach a balance that is successful.

It will require more than power for Hudson Swafford to secure his first win on the PGA Tour, but having the power to rely on is a great place to start. As a young pro with plenty of time ahead of him to refine his swing and polish up the rest of his game, there is no reason for some to think that Hudson Swafford can’t develop into a top player on the PGA Tour. With a classic swing that is full of solid fundamental positions, he is already ahead of the game.

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