SwingMan Golf bootstrapped its way to becoming one of the leading online golf communities in the world.

We are proud to serve more and more golfers every day, and are commited to making SwingMan Golf the number 1 when it comes to high quality game improvement content for the dedicated golfer.

All the growth, over all these years, starting out in 2007, has been funded by the founder, Jaacob Bowden, and his business partners, reinvesting, not eating out, taking money from other projects to implement growth strategies even faster.

As SwingMan Golf has now outgrown our personal financial reach, at a time when more and more golfers and investors (funny how often these two go together) see their normal investment opportunities drying up, or not returning the rates they need to reach, we have decided to open up to a select group of investors.

If you are interested and able to invest north of $1,000,000 please get in touch by writing an email to: pl@leypoldpartner.com