By Tom Wishon

In my 40-plus years of a career in club design and club fitting research, I have heard a lot of myths and misconceptions about golf equipment performance. But with this one, if I had a dollar for each time I have heard this from a golfer, I think I can just about say I would be retired and readying myself for my daily 18 hole round instead of offering the facts for why the shaft is NOT the engine of the golf club!

To say that the shaft is the engine of the golf club is to infer that the shaft is the most important component in the golf club. There is no question the main reason some golfers do feel the shaft is the most important element in a golf club is because at some point in their playing lives they have either switched shafts or bought a new club with a different shaft and hit the ball better than before.

Thus with the visible difference of the shaft change being so evident in their mind, it is easy for them to make the assumption that the shaft is the reason they hit any club better than another.

What is true about the shaft is that it is possibly the…

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