By Paul Myers

By almost any measure, Justin Rose is one of the very best golfers in the world. With a major championship title under his belt at the 2013, Rose has been a fixture on the world golf scene for many years and it seems like it will stay that way for many years to come. With a beautiful golf swing and solid short game, Rose is a player that has become one of the main pieces of the European Ryder Cup team which has had so much success.

Average Swing Speed

Finding Rose’s name on the list of swing speeds on the PGA Tour for 2014 requires scrolling down the page a bit. He comes in with an average of 114.74, which is nothing to be ashamed of in the least, but is lower than many of the other top players. In fact, Rose ranks T69 with that average, putting him slightly above the middle of the pack on Tour. He certainly possesses enough club head speed to handle big golf courses, but power isn’t the main piece of the puzzle for Rose.

Elite All-Around Game

To anyone who has watched Justin Rose play the game, that news won’t be particularly surprising. What it is that makes Rose so good is his balanced all-around game that features impressive accuracy and a quality short game. He isn’t someone who will blast the ball off the tee and overwhelm a course with power, but rather will try to take the course apart one piece at a time with things like smart decisions and good execution. What Rose might give up in terms of not being tops in swing speed, he more than makes up for with the world-class quality of his ball striking.

Ryder Cup Key for Europe

For the 2014 Ryder Cup, Justin Rose is likely to be one of the main pieces of the puzzle as Europe tries to retain the cup. Rose has plenty of experience in this pressure-packed event, along with the game to keep up with absolutely anybody. Thanks to the consistency of his ball striking and the sheer number of times Rose has been in pressure situations on a golf course, he will probably be a tough challenge for any U.S. team member who goes against him. In addition to what he brings to the European team on the course, Rose could surely be a leader in the locker room as well thanks to his experience and familiarity with the situation.

Justin Rose is an example of how raw power can be an overrated element in the game of golf. Certainly Rose has plenty of power to keep up with the best players in the world – after all, a swing speed average over 114 MPH is far from low – but he doesn’t need top-ten driving distance to be a world class player. With skills that translate all over the course and the ability to perform under pressure, Justin Rose is a name that many golf fans all over the world are used to seeing. It seems like Rose has been a presence in golf for a long time thanks to his emergence at the 1998 Open Championship, but he is still just 34 years old and should have many years of top quality play left ahead of him.

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