Age:                                          39

Height:                                    6’6”, 199 cm

Weight:                                   231 pounds, 105 kg

Driver Specs:

Hitting Krank Golf heads with House of Forged shafts, Lofts 3-5


MTR Express and Lundqvist El.

Special Accomplishments:

Five-time World Long Drive Championship finalist, best result 9th (2015). Won a few big events in Europe over the years.

What is your longest drive in competition?

462 yards (422 meters)

What were the conditions of the drive?

Tailwind and hot, made at Söderby gk in Sweden 2010

What are the fastest swing speeds you’ve recorded on a Swing Speed Radar and/or Trackman?

Trackman – 147 mph and 218 mph ball speed

GC2 – 150 mph and 220 mph ball speed

What lead you to choose your particular equipment specifications?

Feel, low spin, high ball speed, the guys representing those companies treat me well so I feel like I want to hit their equipment. They make the best stuff, simple as that.

Do you favor a particular shot shape to hit it long?

I try to hit them as straight as I can but the shape doesn’t really matter as long as I hit them with low spin.

Do you do any other types of training to drive it further?

No training aids, just basic lifting and athletic training at the gym and hitting balls on a range or in a simulator with some good music on.

Is there any particular bit of advice you would give the regular amateur for him or her to hit the ball longer?

Basically just work on your weaknesses…

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