Golf Digest’s Luke Kerr-Dineen recently wrote an article called “New study reveals the 2 key factors separating 90s and 70s shooters”.

The article referenced a study by the World Scientific Congress of Golf and Toyo University PhD professor Daisuke Ichikawa, in which a group of 28 golfers were split in two groups, one with an average score of 94 and the other with an average score of 74, to hit drivers.

Two big things came out of the study, perhaps to no surprise.

One is that the 70s shooters had a slightly more consistently square club face.

The other, and single biggest differentiator between the two groups, was club head speed. Basically, the better playing group had higher club head speed, which equated to 1.5 strokes less for every 2.2 mph of increased club head speed.

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