Swing Man Golf to Endorse Krank Golf Drivers


May 26, 2015

Official Press Release: The #1 website and community for golfers to improve their driving distance by increasing their swing speed, SwingManGolf.com endorses Krank Golf’s drivers as their official driver.

“For years, our members have asked us which drivers we would suggest to go with the improved swing speed they get from swing speed training”, says Jaacob Bowden, original founder of SwingManGolf.com, “and we really looked into it for quite a while, because the quality of the product we endorse will reflect back on Swing Man Golf, so we don’t want to just endorse anything simply because we get paid.”

Apart from the high production quality, the customized fitting process that Krank Golf developed and their commitment to innovation were key drivers of their decision, with a shot of patriotism. Says Bowden, “Another strong reason why we chose Krank Golf as our official endorsement is the fact that the clubs are assembled in the US.

We are all for a global market and the Swing Man Golf community is all over the planet. However, these days, lots of people in the US are struggling. Krank Golf gives us an opportunity to support a successful start up that produces a broad spec range of quality drivers and with great customer service…right here in the states.”

Krank Golf is also proud winner of 16 official RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. “Our common story actually starts in 2006, when Lance Reader, the founder of Krank Golf knocked me out of one of the rounds in world championship qualifying. It is interesting to see where people that are passionate about the game end up, and how they help in making the game more enjoyable for everyone.” Bowden adds with a smile.

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Here is Jaacob’s review of the current Krank Golf driver:



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