By Paul Myers

There is plenty of time for technical thinking regarding your golf swing. In fact, if you are going to get significantly better at the game, you will probably need to spend some time working on technical aspects and improving the efficiency of your golf swing motion. One mistake some golfers make, however, is not drawing a line between the time for thinking technically, and the time for just playing golf.

When you stand on the first tee and get ready to start a round, technical thoughts should probably be nowhere near your mind. Instead, try to focus only on executing your shots, hitting your targets, and making good decisions. Getting the ball in the hole as soon as possible can be hard enough – and it’s not necessary to make it harder by distracting yourself with technical golf swing thoughts. All of that work should probably have been done on the range during your dedicated practice time. When you head out to play a round is when the fruits of your labor are supposed to show themselves.

Below are a couple of tips to help you leave your technical thinking behind and get in a good frame of mind for playing your best golf. Just as with anything else on the golf course, improving your thinking may take time and practice. Start working on better mental game habits in your very next round, and the results might surprise you.

No Technical Practice before a Round

This is mistake that many amateur golfers make before a round. Your warm-up time on the driving range should probably be just that – a warm-up. It is not necessarily a practice session, and should likely not be treated as such. You aren’t trying to improve your golf swing technique while you warm-up on the range, you are only trying to find some rhythm and get your muscles ready to do the job of swinging the club.

There is an old saying among some professional golfers that applies in this case – ‘If you didn’t bring it with you, you aren’t going to find it here’. Basically, that means that you realistically probably aren’t going to be able to improve your golf swing on the range before a round. Whatever swing you came with when you arrived at the course is the one you should probably try to use during the round. To help keep technical golf swing thoughts out of your mind during the round, don’t let them enter your head on the driving range. Get yourself warmed up, and leave it at that.

Be Committed to the Process

An idle mind can be a dangerous thing, so golfers who don’t have much going on mentally before a shot sometimes tend to turn their attention to technical elements that may only cause problems. Instead, immerse yourself in the process of choosing a target and picking the right shot for the situation. If you are extremely focused on the game plan that you are going to use for each shot, you it leaves less time to get distracted by thoughts about your golf swing technique. Better golfers tend to be those who can better focus on the job at hand shot after shot, all day long.

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