By Paul Myers

The runaway winner of the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, Martin Kaymer is now a two-time major champion and among the best players in the world. The German has what many would consider to be an incredible golf swing to go along with a consistent short game and wonderful putting stroke. The performance he displayed at Pinehurst in winning the U.S. Open was one for the record books, and the European team will be hoping he can find something close to that form when he tees it up in the Ryder Cup.

A Renewed Game

Kaymer’s career has been similar in some ways to one of his Ryder Cup teammates, Henrik Stenson. Kaymer showed the ability to be one of the best players in the world, in fact reaching world #1, but then underwent some swing changes and lost his form for a period of time. However, once he was able to make the swing changes comfortable and repeatable, the results have been amazing. In addition to the U.S. Open title, he also took home the Players Championship, another of the biggest events in the world.

Plenty of Power

Kaymer does just about everything well on the golf course, and power is among the strengths that he has. With an average swing speed of 117.05, he ranks just inside the top 40 on the PGA Tour for the 2014 season. An incredible thing about Kaymer’s swing could be just how much power he generates from a seemingly simple and repeatable swing. He doesn’t go ‘outside himself’ and lose balance to create power – he is able to create the speed simply through the excellent technique that he uses and the quality of his impact position. Also, Kaymer’s body is sufficiently conditioned for speed which no doubt can help him to produce power through the ball.

Pressure-Packed Ryder Cup Experience

One of the biggest assets that Kaymer will bring to the 2014 Ryder Cup team for Europe is his winning experience. Being a two-time major champion goes a long way toward helping someone handle their nerves on the course, but he also has a huge moment in the Ryder Cup as well. It was Kaymer that officially completed the Europeans incredible comeback in the 2012 Ryder Cup when he sunk a putt on the final hole to defeat Steve Stricker of the United States and start the party for Europe. Having the experience of making such a high-pressure putt in the Ryder Cup will certainly steady his nerves as he tries to help Europe bring home the trophy once more.

At only age 29, golf fans across the world might get used to seeing Martin Kaymer at or near the top of the leaderboard in the majors and other top events. For the European Ryder Cup team, Kaymer figures to be a central figure for perhaps the next four or five events, if not many more. With a quality golf swing and internal psychology that seems immune to pressure, and the rest of the game to go with it, it is hard to imagine Kaymer doing anything on the course but adding to his already impressive resume.

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