By Adam Young

I remember being a short hitter as an amateur golfer.

It was so frustrating seeing the other guys drive it 50 yards past me. In fact, my dreams of pro golf were pretty much shattered when I competed against a guy who hit the ball a full 100 yards past me during an amateur competition.

I just knew I couldn’t compete with the big guys. So, I made a commitment to be the best coach I could be.

My search

I didn’t stop seeking distance.

I hit the gym in the hopes of bulking up and adding speed. While I put on 40 lb of lean mass, unfortunately my swing speed barely budged – going from 98mph to 103mph.

This is not to say that training for speed doesn’t work – Just the way I went about it wasn’t the optimal way.

Brains over brawn

I decided to get intelligent about my search for distance.

I looked into…

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