By Adam Young

Hitting the ball far is a pre-requisite for top-level golf these days. While there are certain mechanical changes you can make to optimize ball launch (launching it high with low spin), increasing your swing speed goes a long way to hitting it incredible distances. With Rory and Bubba both swinging well over 120mph, it is clear that speed = distance.

And while you don’t have to bulk up to the point of bodybuilder status, increasing muscle mass to reasonable levels should be a worthy goal of any avid golfer. Especially people like myself who were stick thin at age 18 – 130 pounds soaking wet.

So, how do we increase muscle mass?

Well, you have to start with some resistance training – although a key part is actually your diet. In fact, if your diet is not correct, you can lose muscle mass while resistance training. Also, if your diet is good, you can even gain muscle without any resistance training at all. Although, both would be the best combination.

Protein, pro-muscle

A big part of muscle building is the amount of protein in your diet. Protein is the stuff of muscle, and getting enough is vital to your success. Protein is found in meat, eggs, dairy and (you’ve guessed it) protein…

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