By Adam Young

With the fitness industry making a big impact on golf, specifically at the elite level, we are now seeing incredible feats of human performance. Guys are regularly bombing the ball over 300 yards, and Rory is hitting 340 yarders on occasion. But all the fitness in the world is useless – even detrimental – if the nutritional aspect is not cared for.

What do I mean by this? Well, if you’re hitting the gym hard on top of your regular golf training, you are putting your body under a lot of stress. As your energy demands go up, so do your nutritional demands. If you are not fuelling your body with the right nutrition, you will be hindering your recovery, and may experience burnout on the course. A lack of quality nutrition combined with high-energy demands can also lead to illness.

During this series, I will look at basic nutrition concepts from fuelling your round of golf to recovering from a workout. We will also look at some ideas for health, as well as ideas for weight loss and muscle gain. Understanding these concepts more can really help you speed up achieving your performance/lifestyle goals.

Let’s start with the concept of fuelling a round of golf.

Typically, when I ask elite…

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