by Jaacob Bowden

Today I was taking a break from email and entertaining myself by going through my “Favorite” videos on YouTube – and I came across a video that Joel put together last Fall.

For those that don’t know, Joel is my wife’s brother. He came over to Switzerland from Michigan last summer to visit us, to check out Europe, and to help me out with the Swing Man Golf website. While working with me on the web site during his stay here, he decided to undertake some swing speed training and see if he could get fast enough to compete in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. Joel did great with the training and on his first try advanced through the qualifying with a 343 yard (314 meter) drive on flat ground with no wind. Shortly afterward he went on to finish in the Top 16 in the RE/MAX European Long Drive Finals.

It was an amazing first run at long drive!  Here is some footage of Joel competing:

Anyway, while we were there, we came across this guy that was drawing quite a crowd each time he hit. Not wanting to miss out on the action, we took our turn watching as well. I don’t think the below video does it justice to being there in person, but here is some of the footage we took of him while we were in England.

What a character!!!

Can you imagine if a guy like this was out on the PGA Tour?

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