Ángel Cabrera’s PGA TOUR Club Head Speeds: Boost Your Own Speed with Swing Man Golf


Ángel Cabrera is a professional golfer who has played on the PGA TOUR.

Listed below are all his historical average speeds by year as reported by the PGA TOUR. For comparison’s sake, the PGA TOUR’s average low, average overall, and high average are shown as well. Also listed is his corresponding age, in order that you can make age related observations.

Historical & Comparative Swing Speed Data By Year
Year Age Average Club Head Speed PGA TOUR Swing Speed Rank PGA TOUR Low Average PGA TOUR Average PGA TOUR High Average
2008 39 120.78 8 101.82 112.33 125.16
2009 40 119.68 9 101.76 111.69 124.02
2010 41 120.63 7 102.71 112.63 123.58
2011 42 119.72 10 103.39 112.83 125.25
2012 43 119.08 18 104.29 113.02 124.69
2013 44 120.15 14 104.48 113.15 124.45
2014 45 118.42 23 103.48 113.02 123.7
2015 46 117.14 38 101.87 113.25 124.07
2016 47 115.59 50 100.91 112.92 125.5


There’s that old saying in golf, “Drive for show. Putt for dough.” However, statistical analysis reveals that this isn’t accurate. Club head speed plays a crucial role in golf, even more so than putting.

A well-struck drive with higher club head speed leads to increased ball speed and greater distances off the tee. This advantage allows for shorter irons into greens, which you also hit farther, increasing greens-in-regulation percentages, and reducing scoring averages at both amateur and professional levels.

Historically, it was believed that club head speed couldn’t be trained. Tiger Woods, playing alongside long-hitter Bubba Watson, was once quote on the PGA TOUR’s website, Either you have speed, or you don’t. This notion has been proven incorrect. The importance of fitness on the PGA TOUR has escalated over time, with athletes like Gary Player, Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods emphasizing physical conditioning. However, fitness alone doesn’t equate to speed. For instance, despite Camillo Villegas superior fitness, John Daly outpaced him in swing speed, highlighting that speed also
involves mechanics.

The landscape is evolving. In 2019, Phil Mickelson increased his club head speed by 6 mph. Bryson DeChambeau, during the COVID-19 lockdown, ramped up his speed dramatically from 118.24 mph in 2019 to 132.25 mph by 2021. Training aids like Super Speed Golf, the Stack System, and Rypstick have gained in popularity…and the PGA TOUR average broke the 115-mph barrier in 2023.

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