By Swing Man Golf Staff

Been waiting for a left-handed set of Sterling Irons®? Pre-order & reserve a spot in the front of the line!

As of right now, we are looking at 20th of May 2017 to start shipping custom fit and built left-handed sets of Sterling Irons®. We are 100% CERTAIN to be offering them, all of the engineering process is done, however due to the many moving parts in the supply chain, we can not guarantee the date. It might be a week or two later, it might be a week earlier, we simply can not say right now.

Once we are ready, we will custom fit and build them in the order that orders come in. Anyone ordering then will be placed on the stack, and Tom will be working off that stack on a first in, first out basis.

There are, however, also the right-handed sets in that stack, which could mean that an order that will then be placed on say the 20th of May, after we made the announcement, may only be ready to be shipped one month later.

At Sterling Irons®, we are blessed with very patient (and extremely satisfied) customers, (maybe that is something to do with the patience it takes to get to the low average handicap they already have,) however, we sat down and thought about what we could do to speed up the process, because we are currently getting 8-9 inquiries per week for left-handed sets, and we want to get everyone their set as fast as possible.

We are taking two actions to cut the waiting time as short as possible:

1.) We are offering a pre-order, “reserve my set right now” feature. For $275, you can reserve your order now, get a spot “in the front of the line group”, before we ever make it public that they are available.

2.) Once we are ready to hand craft the left-handed sets, we will reach out and ask you for the rest of the purchase price, minus the $275, minus an additional $50 as a thank you for your patience, ONLY THEN is your place in the line confirmed, and Tom will only work on this group first and exclusively for one week, fulfill as many as are possible within the high standards he is setting himself, and after that, he will go to “one from the normal stack, one of the preorders, one from the normal stack, one of the preorders…” mode.

If you would like to join the “front of the line group”, please use this LINK to spec your set and place your pre-order – at the end of the process, it will show a price of $275 to place the order.

You will be notified the moment we are ready to get started on your set.

Here is the link to place your order: