By Adam Young

Below is a process I try to ingrain in my players. We work on the skills needed to improve their process.

This process is:

Identification of fault(s)

There are lots of faults in golf, but a lot less than you would think. To me, coming ‘over the top’ (for example) is not a fault, because you can do that and hit a perfectly good shot.

Whether you do or not is determined by other things such as:

  • Did you hit the middle of the face?
  • Did you hit the ground in the right place?
  • Did you present a clubface angle (open or closed) suitable for getting the ball on your target?

These are the basic faults in golf, as if you get the above correct, the ball will fly towards your intended target at the desired distance, regardless of swing style. We can add strategic faults to the list (taking on improbable shots for your skill level, mis-judging environmental conditions etc.), but we will keep it to the above 3 for simplicity of this piece.

So, ask yourself, what is your ability to identify when…

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