Q&A with Jaacob Bowden


Besides not having very good swing speed, I also push and fade the ball.  My problem isn’t just swing speed, it’s squaring and releasing the clubface.  Are there any items that would help that come with your program?

Jaacob’s Answer:

The Swing Man Golf site can definitely help you with your swing speed.  Most people have a cruise speed (one that they use on the golf course) and a maximum speed.  We work with raising and training your maximum speed, so that when you back off to your cruise speed, it will feel like you are exerting the same amount of effort.  However, because we raised your baseline, your cruise speed will be much higher than before.  In the first 30 days with the twice-weekly Basic Program, typically I hear back about 12-16 mph (30-40 yard) driver swing speed gains.

I’m not so sure we need to change your back swing length.  The length of swing that you are currently making gets you the best contact…and good contact is important.  You can lose significant distance on your drives just by missing the sweet spot by an inch.

As for the little push fade, here are several things that you might try to help get the club back square at impact.

1)  If you don’t already have one, get a driver whose face is a degree or two closed…and/or one of the adjustable-weight drivers that is draw-biased.
2)  Start the club head out slightly closed at setup.
3)  Make your grip slightly stronger, i.e. turn your hands a little bit more clock-wise (assuming the you are a right-hander).
4)  Don’t open the club face up so much on the back swing.

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