Age:                                 38 (06/06/78)

Height:                           5’11”

Weight:                          165 lbs


  • OnCore Golf
  • Rival and Revel
  • Speedgolf USA
  • LinksRun

Special Accomplishments:

  • Founder Speedgolf Texas 2013
  • Executive Director Speedgolf International 2014
  • Founder LinksRun 2015
  • Creator & Co-host The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast 2015
  • 2nd place 2015 Speedgolf World Championships (6 clubs, even par 72 in 48 min.)
  • Expert Team Member on Golf Channel’s reality competition series Altered Course, aired Summer ’15
  • Founder Speedgolf USA 2016
  • Co-Founder Alternative Golf Alliance 2016

How did you first get involved in speedgolf?

Played golf in early 2013 with the 2012 Speedgolf World Champion Chris Walker

What clubs do you have in your bag?

  • TaylorMade M1
  • Adams 20* hybrid
  • Ping S57 8-iron
  • 52* Cleveland
  • Toe-Up Odyssey Putter

Why did you pick out those particular clubs?

Prefer to hit Driver whenever possible.

Hybrid for long Par 3’s, Par 5’s.

Rarely need more than 8-iron on approaches. Can hit 52*130 yards or flop out of deep bunker.

With that few of clubs, there of course would be shots that are between full swing distances.

How do you like to play those?

My first choice is to shut my stance down, hood the face, and swing hard! I can hit my 8-iron 135 or 185. Any further, I hit a soft cut with the hybrid, or a run-up.

What do you do to work on your fitness?

Whole body strength training in the gym 4-5 days, swing speed training, yoga, 25 miles running per week, all outside if possible. Tempo mix of Zone 2, interval sprints on track, carefree trail running with no quantification, and of course Speedgolf.

Based on what you’ve learned from speedgolf, what advice or drills that you could give the regular golfer for them to apply to their normal golf game?

Pick up the pace. Play from the heart. Everyone, except maybe Rob Hogan, should be playing golf faster. (Rob plays 18 holes in 40 minutes or less and plays off a scratch.) It may seem uncomfortable at first, but quickly you’ll realize your score doesn’t suffer, and actually improves most of the time.

How do you play faster?

Play without making any practice swings. Play with half a set. Play without checking the exact yardage. Play without the assistance of technology. Be creative and have fun disrupting your normal practice/playing/pre-shot routine.

Soon, you’ll find yourself playing by feel, in the moment, and leaving the course satisfied regardless of score.

Anything else you want to say or add?

Traditional golf is a game I have tremendous respect and love for. I wish everyone would try it at least once. But it can be tough to master or even enjoy without sufficient practice, consistent effort, and a sizeable financial commitment.

Fortunately the world of golf is evolving and has already grown beyond its roots.

There are a variety of Alternative Golf Experiences gaining in popularity, sports like FootGolf, DiscGolf…

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